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About Technology

The National Engineering Laboratory for Complex Polymer and Metal located at FarsoonTechnologies Global Headquarters is the only Chinese national laboratory dedicated to polymer and metal additive manufacturing in China with the goal of developing new systems, material, and advanced application solutions to propel AM beyond the established state-of-the-art. The laboratory works on innovative development of all aspects of polymer and metal additive manufacturing solutions.

Farsoon Technologies is the only additive manufacturing company that produces  plastic laser sintering (PLS) machines and materials at a single factory location.

World-class Team

Farsoon has brought together top engineering talent from around the world to provide the highest quality teams for R&D, service, production, and applications support.

Total Solution
Farsoon offers multiple system models of both plastic laser sintering and metal laser melting equipment and materials to meet the customer additive manufacturing needs.

Open Platform
Farsoon laser sintering and melting equipment are truly open platform systems featuring access to advanced processing parameters for the end user and no artificial limitations on third party materials.

Farsoon's strong application teams are able to support customers and partners in the development of innovative solutions for multiple industries and processes.

Value Proposition
Farsoon is able to provide highly productive and cost-effective systems along with value-added services such as application development, material development, training etc.

Core Technology
As a technology innovator, Farsoon has put together a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers. The Farsoon team has developed new solutions in various fields including material sciences, mechanical, thermal, control, and optical design. Farsoon has filed over 100 patents in 2016 alone and strives to bring new developments to the additive industry. 



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