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The creation of Molds traditionally was an investment of time, money and design that was never to be taken lightly. The high initial cost of the mold demands that the part run must be numerous or the individual parts expensive. Changes typically require a new mold. These factors affect the life span and viability of designs.

The ability to generate a new mold, in-house, allows for a new benchmark in what is profitable and possible. The sudden need for a change in the mold? The original design file can be edited and a new mold can be produced in less time than the previous discussions that would have been needed to decide if a new mold was feasible.

With an in-house additive manufactory system, a test of the part can be made before a single step in the molding process is taken. With a Farsoon MLS system, you may not even need to produce a mold. If the demand time is limited or the geometries too complex, simply produce the part from its schematic.

Farsoon has or will help you develop the solution you need.

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