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Innovating with Farsoon – Shanghai Wisdom Bay Creative Industrial Park

Number of visits: Date:2017-08-18

Wisdom Bay Creative Industrial Park sets out to create an innovation center in which new technologies and designs can be integrated to provide world changing solutions by positioning 4 innovative industrial technology centers including 3D Printing, Intelligent Manufacturing, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence in one unique space. The 3D Printing center is jointly built and launched by Farsoon Technologies and Shanghai Kefan Group. Farsoon Technologies’ participation will help facilitate the future growth and development of the Creative Industrial Park by providing expert support for 3d printing technology and application development.

Equipped with Farsoon Printers, including both plastic laser sintering system and metal laser sintering systems, the Industrial Park can meet the processing requirements for various industries.

Farsoon printers and equipment operating in Wisdom Bay:

Parts produced by Farsoon Printers:

Office and leisure areas in Wisdom Bay

Farsoon continues to innovate in order to bring the latest 3d printing technologies and solutions to market. Working with Wisdom Bay Farsoon hopes to provide increased exposure to 3d printing technology and to work with expert innovators and designers to find new and surprising solutions.


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