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Xuberance stuns at Shanghai Design Week with Farsoon Technologies!

Number of visits: Date:2017-09-22


Photo by: Xuberance

Shanghai Design Week was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre on September 1-3, 2017 by industry leading design companies in China.


3D printing and TPU soft materials combined with clothing has taken the fashion industry by storm, creating seamless clothing and accessories with endless possibilities. Xuberance booth attracted many admirers throughout the week due to the complex and stunning design. While  3D printing technology is a future trend, it not only can be used for highly fashionable clothing but also on bags and numerous fashion accessories.


Photo by: Xuberance 
 These amazingly chic 3d printed Fashion accessories were created

by Xuberance in TPU on a Farsoon 403P 3d printer for the Shanghai Design Week.


“Xuberance Design Inc. is the only choice of 3d-Printing Design Brand in China. Recently, we are pushing the boundary of consumer goods in the additive manufacturing industry. The more advanced the technology became, the more refined and sophisticated detailing the 3D printing could become. 3D-printing is gradually approaching customized human body scale, even in close contact with the human body. With the latest collaborative development in TPU applications between Xuberance & Farsoon, 3D printing is no longer just an experimental tool or representational model, but in all aspects can be used at a high level of application towards customize human body.” Steven Ma, owner of Xuberance added, “This year at Shanghai Design Week, we have presented a series of intricate flexible structure design which allows the possibilities of using 3d printed parts to be a customize design on fashion wearables for consumer markets. The combination of additive manufacturing technology and the digital design techniques, creates the ambition to establish conditions beyond the usual, the known, the rational, the obvious and the simple.”



No matter how complex the design, Farsoon additive technology can create the reality! Farsoon’s 403P series additive manufacturing systems has a maximum sintering temperature of 220 ℃. This TPU material has a high wear resistance, high flexibility, high processing performance, low operating temperature and high reusability. The 403P series also performs excellent elasticity property perfect for vertical and horizontal stretch in clothing making the wearer feel comfortable and light.


"Working with Xuberance on their Shanghai Design Week exhibition was both a pleasure and a challenge. We were tasked to meet a tight deadline as well as find a material solution which would provide the necessary flexibility and hand feel that the designers were seeking. Such a challenge was a good match for our high speed SS403P series which was able to process the parts with TPU material to meet the exhibit deadline as well as produce parts which had excellent elongation and softness. We were very pleased with the results and are sure that the Xuberance exhibit will be a smash in Shanghai," Don Xu, Farsoon Global Business Director said.


About Farsoon 403P series:

A powerful and versatile open platform system for your additive manufacturing needs. The 403P series is Farsoons flagship production polymer system. The 403P is offered in multiple configurations ranging from our education system to our high-temperature-capable configuration. Enhanced temperature shielding, laser power and thermal controls enable the 403P series to meet needs from value based prototyping to full production of Polymer parts.


Farsoon 403P series at a glance:

Maximum scanning speed of 15.2m/s, forming rate increased by 33%;

Sintering melting point up to 225 ℃, can be sintered using TPU, PA6 and other materials

Open-source software operating systems to support customer’s parameters adjustments to achieve the best print results.


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