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Farsoon Technologies’ next evolution in production -

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September 29, 2017 - Farsoon Technologies announces the first step into their new Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) concept.

Developed to address the growing movement of the additive industry into true manufacturing as well as future models of production such as Industry 4.0 the CAMS vision is to offer continuous AM production through vertical scalability and modularization capable of integrating into any industrial manufacturing facility.

"As an industrial-focused AM company, Farsoon is committed to shifting the mindset of what additive manufacturing can become." said Farsoon founder,
chairman Dr. Xu Xiaoshu.

As the first entry of the CAMS concept Farsoon is set to announce the development of their new FS1000P large platform high temperature capable CAMS system. When released the FS1000P will be targeted to be the largest plastic powder bed system on the market with a 1000 x 500 x 500mm build volume as well as being able to achieve build chamber temperature of up to 220℃ allowing for the production of high performance parts with materials such as PA6, PA12, and TPU.

Combined with the large build volume the FS1000P will feature a continuous batch production capability and fully digital multi laser and scanner systems. All of these features are designed with the concept of high throughput continuous production in mind and are targeted to provide true manufacturing capability with virtually no downtime between builds.In addition, the FS1000P designed from the ground up to be part of a modular system which will feature future modules to address automated powder handling, part breakout, and post processing.  In addition to plastics the CAMS concept is fully compatible with metals and Farsoon is set to release further information on their large platform metal CAMS system in the near future.

Farsoon Technologies is set to reveal additional information of the FS1000P at the 2017 Formnext show in Frankfurt and will look to have the first commercial machine ready to be shown at the TCT Asia show in 2018. Inquiries and beta applications are currently being accepted.

About Farsoon

Farsoon Technologies is transforming the future of additive manufacturing with vision, innovation, and our "Open for Industry" technical and business philosophy. As an industrial-focused AM company of both Polymer and Metal systems, Farsoon has created a progressive array of possibilities for customers and partners with access to unparalleled customization in applications, systems, and materials.

In addition to rapidly growing our machine and material portfolios, Farsoon Technologies' global operations has expanded to North America in September 2017 with a new Demo and Integration Center in the Austin, TX area. The Demo and Integration Center is operated by industry veterans with over 75 combined years of experience and will house the demo center, direct sales, training, integration, and support operations to allow for further growth in the North American market.

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