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Farsoon Technologies on Display at the China 3D Printing Cultural Museum

Number of visits: Date:2017-10-17

Photos courtesy of: China 3D Printing Cultural Museum

October 16, 2017 - Farsoon Technologies’ systems on display in Shangahi, China at the China 3D Printing Cultural Museum, the first museum to encompass and exhibit solely additive manufacturing and 3D printing systems, printed artworks, and history.

The China 3D Printing Cultural Museum houses 3 Farsoon Technologies’ metal and polymer (plastic) industrial additive manufacturing systems, seen above.


Photos courtesy of: China 3D Printing Cultural Museum


The China 3D Printing Cultural Museum has become the main point for showcasing the  foreign and domestic additive manufacturing industry, featuring  high-standard brand demonstrations, such as Farsoon Technologies,  and displaying the international impact on industry.

The museum occupies 6 floors in 5,000 square meters, and 9 large educational areas such as; Collections & Exhibition Hall, Theme Exhibition Hall, 3D-Printing Materials Library, 3D-Printing Research Center, Creative lounge, Interactive Gallery, Theatre & Gallery, 3D Rooftop Garden and 3D Children’s Playroom.


Photos courtesy of: China 3D Printing Cultural Museum


In addition, the museum houses multiple educational and cultural experiences which collects thousands of applied 3d printing technology achievements in various different industries.

About Farsoon Technologies

Farsoon Technologies is transforming the future of additive manufacturing with vision, innovation, and our "Open for Industry" technical and business philosophy. As an industrial-focused AM company of both Polymer and Metal systems, Farsoon has created a progressive array of possibilities for customers and partners with access to unparalleled customization in applications, systems, and materials.

Polymer Systems - Farsoon provides world-class industrial-grade total solutions including systems, materials and software for your direct additive manufacturing needs. With systems featuring open parameter sets and capable of achieving processing chamber temperatures between 190 ℃ ~ 280 ℃Farsoon offers a greater range of flexibility and freedom for machine operation and material selection.

Metal Systems - Farsoon’s metal systems are high quality industrial level machines. Featuring powerful laser options, advanced scanning systems, in-build monitoring and many other features, Farsoon machines produce parts with excellent surface quality, accuracy, and mechanical properties.


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