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Next Generation in Additive Production FS1001P

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Next generation in additive production
A large-platform, high-temperature capable CAMS System

Watch the full FS1001P CAMS video:


November 14th, 2017, Farsoon Technologies - “The idea of the CAMS system is to deliver an industrial-focused system targeted towards driving additive into the industrial manufacturing realm,” Don Xu, Director of Global Business Group, explained to TCT Magazine earlier this month. “To achieve this, we need to greatly increase throughput both in matters of speed and productivity. At the same time we are looking at how to truly create a value proposition for the customer in regards to the system and materials. From our side, I think this really ties into Farsoon's core philosophy  from the beginning of wanting to have open architecture  systems, more user accessible systems and a very open strategic business model.”

CAMS - Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution – is being developed to address the growing movement of the additive industry into true manufacturing capability. The CAMS vision is to offer continuous AM production thru vertical scalability and modularization capable of integrating into industry specific manufacturing operations. The commercial beta release of the first polymer CAMS system – FS1001P, is set for TCT Asia 2018.

Designed for Continuous Production
The FS1001P CAMS system is designed from the ground up with manufacturing in mind. With continuous batch production capability, the FS1001P allows intensive manufacturing cycles with minimal  down time between  cycles. Within the CAMS system framework, the FS1001P is designed for maximum adaptability, incorporating a modular design including: Loading station, Build station, Cooling station and Part breakout station. An internal conveyer system connects each modularized station to provide automated transferability of the build cylinder through each process. This conveyer system can also  be easily integrated with industry specific automation systems to create production lines for the digital factories and work cells of the future. With the FS1001P, the additive industry is ready to take the next step towards true additive manufacturing.

Enhanced capabilities
FS1001P is targeted to be one of the world's largest Polymer laser sintering (PLS) system with a 1000 x 500 x 450mm build volume allowing for unparalleled production of numerous parts or large scale  parts without the need for joining or gluing. Featuring multi-laser or single laser options, as well as  fully digital high speed scanning capability, the system is designed to optimize production speed.  The system  also incorporates advancements in thermal control that creates an environment in the build chamber with high temperature capability up to 220℃ allowing for the production of high performance parts with materials such as PA6, PA12, and TPU.

Open Parameter + Material Model
Like all Farsoon systems, FS1001P architecture is fully open. This means that Farsoon machines, like other truly industrial manufacturing systems, have open parameters as well as an open material model. The FS1001P has also been designed with a comprehensive powder handling system featuring a closed loop powder handling system with increased automation and little need for operator interaction with the powder supply. Overflow powder is collected and processed in an automated mixing station that combines new overflow and recycled powder in set proportions. The FS1001P is also equipped with a high-efficiency top-feed system allowing for greater throughput with an easy to exchange feed cartridge.


Scalability for additive factory solution
The FS1001P's design philosophy allows for the implementation of future modular stations for pre-and post processing operations as well as simplified  integration into existing production line solutions. In addition to the built in conveyer system, the FS1001P will also be capable of integrating automated transport systems for cartridge and part transport. Incorporating systems for inspection, sorting, post-processing, finishing, and tracking. The future of AM production will be about providing a final ready-to-use product for all types of industries.
Farsoon envisions a scalable and connected future factory which will bring true manufacturing capability to the AM industry.

In addition to plastics, the CAMS concept is also fully compatible with metal production. The first metal CAMS system- FS421M and FS721M alpha machine is currently undergoing internal development. With two large platform options of 420 x 420 x 400mm and 720 x 420 x 400mm, the FS421M will be ready to deliver high productivity in metal additive manufacturing.

Learn more about CAMS, visit Farsoon Technologies at Formnext: on 14-17th November in Frankfurt Messe, Hall 3.1, Stand E31.



About Farsoon
Farsoon Technologies is transforming the future of additive manufacturing with vision, innovation, and our "Open for Industry" technical and business philosophy. As an industrial-focused AM company of both Polymer and Metal systems, Farsoon has created a progressive array of possibilities for customers and partners with access to unparalleled customization in applications, systems, and materials.
In addition to rapidly growing our machine and material portfolios, Farsoon Technologies' global operations has expanded to North America in September 2017 with a new Demo and Integration Center in the Austin, TX area. The Demo and Integration Center is operated by industry veterans with over 75 combined years of experience and will house the demo center, direct sales, training, integration, and support operations to allow for further growth in the North American market.

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