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Netfabb Now Supports Farsoon Metal and Polymer AM Systems

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Netfabb Now Supports Farsoon Metal and Polymer AM Systems

November 21, 2017 - Autodesk Netfabb additive manufacturing software now supports Farsoon Technologies range of both metal and polymer industrial additive manufacturing machines. A direct connection between Netfabb and Farsoon hardware enables the complete workflow from design optimization to manufacturing within a single software solution.

“Netfabb offers real value to our customers by offering several options in both functionality and pricing,” said Phillip Conner, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Farsoon Technologies - Americas. “The customer buys what’s best for the work and for the bottom line.”

Farsoon’s open ethos, enabling users complete control of the processing parameters combined with the ability to use 3rd party materials, aligns perfectly with Autodesk’s view of how the additive manufacturing ecosystem must be open and collaborative to mature.

“We are excited to work with open and innovative companies like Farsoon that enable a broader material palette and lower the barrier of entry to industrial AM,” said Duann Scott, Business Development and Strategy for Autodesk Additive Manufacturing. “Farsoon is well placed with decades of experience in the AM space to build from their foundation in China to bring disruptive and affordable industrial AM to the international market.”

Autodesk’s optimization and simulation software helps to ensure Farsoon’s industrial additive manufacturing hardware is optimized for serial production in a number of industries including dental, medical, automotive and aerospace.

Farsoon Technologies FS271M DMLS and others are now available as machine workspaces inside Autodesk Netfabb.

Netfabb’s 3D packing algorithm will ensure optimal density of builds in Farsoon’s polymer SLS machine while automatic orientation tools, programmable support structures and the advanced toolpath utility will create reliable, repeatable builds in their Metal DMLS machines.

“Our customers, from the first-time user to the AM expert, all like the intuitiveness of the layout and immediately feel comfortable using Netfabb,” said Conner.

Author: Brian Sather
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