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Farsoon 3D Printed Skating Glove Tips assist in Chinese Win of Gold in Winter Olympics

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February 2018 - As the last short-track speed skating event at PyeongChang Winter Olympics took place, Chinese athlete Dajing Wu took gold in the men’s 500-meter short-track speed skating event. His win broke the world record and won the first gold medal for team China.

For short-track and other speed skating sports, professional skating equipment is paramount in increasing the level of competitiveness to the skaters’ performance. For the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the Chinese short-track speed skating team was fully equipped with individually customized metal 3D printed glove tips printed and provided by Farsoon Technologies.

The personalization and quality of the glove tips can drastically reduce friction between the athletes fingers and the ice on the track. In past competitions, glove tips are usually made of resin or gel. Farsoon Technologies customized 9 titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) sets of glove tips in correspondence to each individual athlete’s finger size. In comparison of traditional glove tips, 3D printed customized tips provided numerous advantages to the Chinese Skaters.

Comfortable and Lightweight
The 3D printed metal glove tips had 40% less weight and higher structural strength while the wall thickness of the tips were reduced by 75%, giving more performance advantages to the athletes.
Less Drag Force
After buffing and polishing, the 3D printed titanium alloy glove tips had a smoother surface finish and less drag.
The glove tips were specifically designed and customized according to the athletes’ finger size, resulting in a perfect fit with no significant gaps between the gloves and the fingers.
While ensuring the critical dimensions, several designs were available for each athlete to choose from, combining performance enhancement with the athletes own personal flare.

With continuous innovative development, 3D printing technology can provide customized and personalized solutions  for athletes, while shortening the supply chain in the manufacturing process and reducing costs. As 3D printing technology continues to advance and develop, it will drastically change the landscape and demands of the manufacturing of sporting goods.
Farsoon Technologies continues to support athletes from around the world in their quest for perfection. We wish them the best in all their future events and competitions. Find a Farsoon near you: Farsoon Worldwide.
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