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Farsoon Custom 3D printed Eyeglasses developed with Autodesk software

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Jan 15, 2019: Farsoon Technologies - Americas 3D custom printed eyeglasses developed using Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk NETFABB software. The custom eyeglasses showcase the ease-of-use and compatibility between Autodesk’s software with Farsoon’s additive manufacturing systems.
The custom frame and temples as seen above were first designed using the Autodesk software and converted to STL files. The two files were then imported into Autodesk NETFABB’s 403P Farsoon workspace where the temples were imprinted with the Farsoon logo using NETFABB’s “Text Label” feature. The geometric pattern was designed using the “Manual Cut” feature.
After the design phase, the frame and temples were produced in Farsoon’s HT403P PLS (polymer laser sintering) system laying flat in the x-axis with Farsoon’s PA3300 (Nylon 12) polymer powder material. With Farsoon’s 403P high-precision galvo scanning system and bi-directional fast feed system, multiple pairs of the glasses took only 45 minutes to build from start to finish.
“The final product came out as designed with enough flexibility in the frames to insert lenses and the temples gave proper support to the frames and ears. Farsoon’s PA3300 material post processes quite well, whether you want to sand down rough edges or dye/paint end-use parts,” said Farsoon’s Applications Specialist, Ray Jones. “This material is ideal for any type of industry from consumer products, aerospace, to automotive. Our 403P system series has advantages for customers in the additive manufacturing world with high-precision galvos, fast feeding, and maximum build sizes capable of up to 400 x 400 x 450 mm (15.7 x 15.7 x 17.7 inches). ”
Multiple versions of Farsoon’s custom 3D printed eyeglasses will be on display in Farsoon’s booth at AMUG (booth D10) and Rapid + TCT (booth 1264).

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