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With an industrial-sized 275×275×355mm build envelope and an expanded powder feeding cylinder size, the FS273M offers streamlined metal production of larger volume parts with a wide range of industrial metal materials.



The FS273M is a high value proposition industrial production platform. Advanced digital optics system, robust control and truly open parameters enable the user unparallel freedom of processing capability. It can achieve highly detailed, functional parts while maintaining the cost competitive advantage. Compact machine design enables denser, flexible factory layout for maximum throughput yield per floor area at an economical additive production cost.



The FS273M features an integrated, long-lasting filtration system allows for extended operation time for longer builds and reducing the cost of filter changes. Features such as preheated base-plate, robust recoating operations, removable overflow containers, and a powder supply sufficient for a full build ensure the ease of operation and good serviceability


  External Dimensions (LxWxH) 2315×1425×2100 mm
  Build Cylinder Size1 (LxWxH) 275×275×355 mm (not including build plate thickness)
  Net Weight Approx. 2200KG
  Layer Thickness 0.02 - 0.1 mm
  Scanning Speed2 Max. 10 m/s
  Laser Type Dual fiber lasers 2×500W or Single fiber laser 1×500W
  Scanner High-precision digital galvo system
  Laser Spot Size  Approx. 80μm contour, 80-200μm fill
  Average Inert Gas Consumption in Process  3-5 L/min. (Argon/Nitrogen)
  Operating System 64 bit Windows 10
  Comprehensive Software BuildStar, MakeStar®
  Key Software Features  Open machine key parameters, real-time build parameter modification, three-dimensional visualization, diagnostic functions
  Data File Format STL
  Power Supply EUR/China: 380-400V, 50/60Hz, Three-phase. US: transformer sold with machine
  Operating Ambient Temperature 22-28℃

316L, Maraging Steel Grade 300, HX*, AlSi10Mg, Ti6Al4V, AlMgScZr*, TA15*, AlSi7Mg*, 420*, 718*, H13*, Pure Copper*, W*, Ta*, more materials to come

1 The functional build volume depends on the parts/materials.

2 For different industries and customer needs, this data may vary.

3 The materials marked with * are in the build process development.


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