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High Quality and User-oriented Machine for Metal AM Production

"The material data we're seeing on the 301 is at the top tier in the industry,” The FS301M U.S. aviation customer stated after reviewing the testing result, “With surface roughness below 5um Ra, static performance at or above wrought, and fatigue performance within the order of magnitude of wrought with as-built surface, the 301 finally allows for economical production without compromising part quality."

Highly Productive

Dual-laser scanning strategy and calibration algorithms improve build efficiency by precisely controlling both lasers’ operation, achieving intelligent distribution of each laser while building a single large part or multiple smaller parts. Both lasers have full coverage of the build area and can be set to use only one laser per part. This allows for reduced certification burden for the aerospace industry by constraining each part to a single laser. Industry leading signal communication speeds and robust recoating speeds ensures minimal delay between each layer of the build. An increased build cylinder volume, as compared to previous generations of machines, measures 305 × 305 × 400mm and is well suited for larger-sized applications and improved productivity within a single build. Excellent air tightness design of FS301M enables extreme oxygen content as low as 10 ppm during the build process, ensuring powder quality consistency for the best quality of the printed part.

Enhanced User Operation

With an integrated powder-loading dock on the FS301M, the material adding operation can be accomplished under an inert gas atmosphere for streamlined workflow and improved environmental safety. A shared material container is used during loading, unloading and the sieving procedures offering more convenient powder-handling and transportation between the stations. Convenient features such as pre-heated base plates, electric leveling, and advanced vision systems allow for more robust process and quality control.

Compact Machine Design

The FS301M features a machine footprint as small as 3.64 square meters with an integrated, long-lasting filtration system with operation time up to 1500 hours. With designated operational access from only the front and rear, the FS301M achieves one of the most compact installation space requirements among similar sized powder-bed based systems on the market. In an additive factory setting, the FS301M allows for high density layouts with minimal side distance, in order to achieve maximum throughput yield per floor area at an economical additive production cost.





External Dimensions (L×W×H)

2350×1550×2200 mm

Installation Footprint (L×W×H)

3500×3000×2800 mm

Build Cylinder Size¹( L×W×H)

305mm×305mm×400 mm (not including build plate thickness)

Net Weight

Approx. 2800 kg

Layer Thickness

0.02 - 0.1mm

Scanning Speed

Max. 15.2 m/s

Laser Option

Dual fiber lasers, 2×500W (dual-laser with full coverage of build area by each laser) or Single fiber laser, 1×500W


High-precision three-axis digital galvo system

Laser Spot Size

Approx. 75μm contour, 75-200μm fill

Base-Plate Heating


Inert Gas Protection


Average Inert Gas Consumption in Process

3 - 5 L/min

Operating System

64 bit windows 10

Comprehensive Software

BuildStar, MakeStar®

Date File Foramt


Power Supply

EUR/China: 380-400V, 50/60Hz, three-phase. US: transformer sold with machine

Operating Ambient Temperature

22 - 28 °C


316L, 17-4PH, 420, HX, HAYNES 230*, IN718, AlSi10Mg, TA15, Ti6Al4V, more materials to come


1 The functional build volume depends on the parts/materials.

2 The materials marked with * are in the build process development.

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Announced before Formnext 2019 the first installation of a Dual Laser FS301M system at an end use aviation customer in U.S. for high quality economical metal AM production, Farsoon is receiving an increasing attention from industrial users. FS301M Beta system is now open for early adopter program application. Inquires and customers interested are welcome to contact


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