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FS 1088A - TPU | powder

High abrasion resistance and wide range of stiffness. Products remain excellent color elasticity as increase of stiffnes...

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Ultrasint X028 | PA6 nylon powder

Excellent mechanical properties and strength, high resistance to thermal deformation combined with great post processing...

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FS 3400CF | Carbon fiber filled nylon material

Enhanced stiffness,Good modulus range (4700-6500Mpa),High resistance to thermal deformation,Excellent strength and hardn...

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FS 3400GB | Glass bead filled nylon powder

Easy-to-process,Good abrasive resistance,High resistance to thermal deformation,Stable size, smooth surface,High resolut...

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FS 3250MF | Mineral filled nylon powder

Good mechanical properties due to the addition of mineral fiber,High resistance to thermal deformation,Small contractive...

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FS 3300PA | Nylon Powder

Color stability,Good anti-oxidative activities,Excellent Size stability,Excellent paint surface,Excellent mechanical pro...

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